What previous attendees have to say...

“The ASC NLC was an excellent experience. It was relevant to all nurse leaders, seasoned or brand new. The networking was phenomenal. The topics covered were important to all types of ASCs. The first annual conference has set the bar high. I look forward to attending next year and being a part of the growth.”

“I appreciate how personal and up-close it felt. The PSS staff called me by name throughout the conference. They were genuinely interested in the issues and concerns we are experiencing at our facilities, and offered solid, practical ways to tackle these issues. “

“This was a great chance to be with like organizations from all over the US. The most effective conference I have attended, completely ASC focused! “

“This is the first conference I have attended that every speaker gave me something to take back to my ASC. The variety of topics actually encompassed what I do as a nurse leader, and addressed the struggles I face on a daily basis. It gave me so many tools to grow and develop myself and my staff. Highly recommend!”

“The ASC Nurse Leadership Conference was perfect and just what I was looking for.  It had great and pertinent sessions for the ASC leader which is what drew me to attend this conference over others.  The speakers did not disappoint, I loved their enthusiasm and passion to help all of the ASC leaders at the conference. It was a very refreshing and inspiring event.”

“It was phenomenal! I attended conferences in the past but this, being ASC-specific, was very informative. It offered a wide network of resources, not just for regulatory compliance but also for building a stronger and more efficient ASC team. I firmly believe that by fostering a culture of safety in the work environment and recognizing positive behaviors among our ASC team members, our productivity will be positively impacted. The speakers are experts in their topics and the presentations were excellent. I may have missed our surgery day but I don’t have regrets at all going to this conference. I went back to work the week after and I knew right away that we are going to do better with our preparation for our upcoming accreditation survey. And not only will we do better during this year’s survey, I now know that I have a good network to reach out to for better ASC-specific financial reporting and benchmarking. I am grateful to the PSS team for this great opportunity to meet with colleagues from other states in this same industry. “