Speaker - Stephen Harden

Stephen Harden


Capt. Stephen Harden is a coach, trainer, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and former airline pilot. He is the founder and chief coach of Leaders Get Results, LLC where he provides leadership development coaching for healthcare professionals. He is the former CEO of LifeWings Partners LLC, a team of pilots, astronauts, physicians, nurses, and Toyota-trained Lean experts that helped healthcare organizations around the world become high-reliability organizations as they eliminate patient harm and drive out waste and inefficiency in their patient care processes.

Capt. Harden shares his knowledge about personal and organizational excellence around the world in conferences, workshops, presentations, and group and one-on-one coaching sessions. He has authored or co-authored three books on patient safety, written hundreds of articles and newsletters, and designed over 40 separate training programs for commercial aviation, military flight squadrons, heavy construction, military contractors, and health care.

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WORKSHOP | How to Be the Leader You'd Want to Follow and Create a High-Performing Organization that Excels Even Amid Crisis

  • 28 April, 2023
  • 8:00am - 10:00am